Tile Renovations – Bathroom, Kitchen Floor & More

Tile renovations provide great ways of transforming your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or patio into an entirely new place. It’s everybody’s dream to have a space they can call a home. However, having a home is not enough. You want to have a home that you are proud of. That’s where decorating a home with tile renovations comes in. The floors and walls of different parts of your home are very important. Tiling them enhances their overall look and feel. Although tile renovations may be demanding both financially and physically, they are a crucial home improvement aspect. Over the past years, there has been an increase in tile renovations trends. They include the use of different colors and designs. The market also presents tiles of different qualities and prices. These can make deciding on the tiles to use for your tile renovations a challenge. To make an informed decision, consider the following patterns and ideas when planning for tile renovations.

Parallel Patterns

This is the most popular yet the simplest pattern to consider when planning your tile renovation project. It entails settling the tiles in a parallel pattern starting from a single point. You follow the basic shape of the tiles to form a pattern with uniform stripes. This results in a visually interesting look that transforms the look of a bathroom or kitchen floor.


The connections pattern is a tile renovations style that entails placing tiles in a row from the point where the wall and the floor meet. It creates joints with a T-shape between tiles. It is a common pattern that people use to create rustic environments in their kitchens, bathrooms and other living spaces. Ceramic tiles give a rough finish and a dulled appearance that emphasizes a country character when installed properly. The concept is completed by primitive fixtures like rudimentary wood and ceiling beams as well as rustic furnishings.


This tile renovation pattern may appear deceptively complicated. However, it provides different and cheap flooring. It entails the use of tiles with abstract shapes that are fitted together to create amazing designs. Tiles can also be cut carefully to create a photo effect. The pattern works best when garden furniture is added to the setting to create a relaxed outdoors experience.


Sectional tiles renovation pattern entails the use of at least two types of tiles. That’s because you have to create dissimilar sections that contrast each other. For instance, you can make the outer section dark with a specific type of tiles. You can use a different type of tiles to make the middle section different with a painted pattern. A different type of tiles can border the section. This creates a fabulous combined effect. Sectional pattern is great for a kitchen or for creating a personalized design. Basically, there are many ideas that you can implement when it comes to tile renovations. However, it’s important that you work with experienced tile installers when deciding on the tiles to install and throughout the installation project. That’s the best way to achieve your desired results from your tile renovations project. Great results can be found here: www.tilecontractorswinnipeg.com